If money weren't an issue, where would your dream holiday be?

Hi guys,

If money weren’t an issue, what holiday destination would you choose? How much would it cost?

Recently, we launched an Autosave feature that allows you to not worry about saving regularly for your best moments. So, we want to talk about your dream destination. If you already had that amount saved in the app, where would you go and why?

Or maybe you have already been there - share pictures!! :palm_tree:

South of France and that is the only correct answer.

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What’s on your agenda?

It would cost me £300 or so. I’d go surfing because I have an image in my head that I’d enjoy surfing despite not liking the sea or getting sandy. I want to go to Montpellier. I’d spend the rest of my time exploring places I have no right to be and awkward interactions with the locals.

I did similar in Toulouse. It was a secret holiday and no one knows I went. :shushing_face:

I appreciate you revealing this secret - it’s actually nice there. My friend has been there a few times. Why surf in South France, not Sri Lanka or Portugal?

I will go to Portugal one day, but that will most likely be on a mission to convince Ronaldo to be my best friend. I don’t know anything about Sri Lanks, I’ve not even tried their food which is a failure on my part.

In Madeira, there’s a higher chance to meet him - at least the statue is 100% guaranteed.

Sounds like you know a lot about tracking Ronaldo, I may call upon you in future when I’m in the area.

Not a football fan, surprisingly. I just have good tracking skills due to my job, but thanks for the compliment.