Are you still planning a holiday this year?

Eeesh yeah not worth the risk!

These all sound like incredible holidays!! :broken_heart:

Yosemite is definitely on my list of places to travel! :crossed_fingers:Hopefully, we’ll both manage to get there at some point… :joy:

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:+1: for the Irish Coffee

:-1: for the ciggie :grin:

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If you’re recruiting any more family members I would happily put my name forward :joy:

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haha yeah should probs stop complaining am lucky to have these family holidays, it’s only one year without. And I did just break up with my boyfriend so there is a free spot going :rofl:

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Did you get any good recommendations? I’m heading to Wales this weekend to hike Mount Snowdon, will let you know. Hear really good things! There’s different routes you can take with varying levels of difficulty (I’m going up the Pyg track and coming down the Miners track) x

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Oh fun!!

That could be a good option - looks like it’s quite easy to get there from London too?

Definitely let us know how you get on - and fingers crossed for good weather :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Snowdon was amazing, highly recommend! Weather was spot on, which helped. Pyg route is tough but do-able with the right gear (Scarpa boots & Spider-man style gloves) good group of friends and regular breaks. My body ached for about a week after but it was so worth it :heart_eyes: also recommend booking a spa break for afterwards, Lincombe Hall Spa in Torquay is nice for a couple of nights. Really nice spa, wonderful massages and so relaxing. The cream tea was :drooling_face: now back to work!!