App store payment processor change

Was interested to read in December Investor update that you’ve changed how you collect app store subscription payments, leading to a reduction in your costs. Is the new payment processor something I need to opt in to as an existing subscriber, or has it happened in the background?

p.s. very positive update in general :clap:

Hey @o99,

we still have quite a big customer base on Apple or Google, but every new subscriber if they have Apple / Google Pay are on Stripe. :slight_smile:

No need to do anything on your end if you are on legacy systems - we’ll still support them.

Ah, so the new method only applies to new subscribers. I had the impression from the email that all subscriptions were now being collected from new method. It would be nice if existing subscribers had the option of migrating over to the new method. I’ve always felt the cut taken by Apple/Google is excessive so am all for other options.

There is no easy way to migrate from Apple, so we are just waiting for these subscribers to churn. :slight_smile:

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