Apple Credit Card - What do people think?

Clearly late to the party but what do people think about Apple Card launching this summer?

It says no fees but how can a credit card have no fees?

I don’t expect to see it outside the US anytime soon, so haven’t been giving it too much thought!
I do wonder if Emma will be able to access Apple Card data for American users though?
Apple aren’t exactly famous for sharing!

They will charge interest on outstanding balances if not paid off in full like any credit card. So will generate an income stream. I believe the “no fees” refers to no fee or penalty (like increased interest rate) if you fail to make a minimum payment, as well as well as no annual fees or international transactions fees.

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I think they can get in the UK in 2 years or less? I thought that’s what they said.

I can see all the Apple fan boys having one. :stuck_out_tongue:


SO TRUE, I know a few people who will be getting one just to get it out in front of people at Pret :rofl:

I just assumed it would be launched in the UK at the same time, but fair enough haha :joy: I hate the way people sell things like credit cards, it’s so dishonest! Just tell me upfront how much interest I am going to be paying you lol.

I don’t remember reading any timeline for international expansion. Lack of (or very limited??) international expansion of Apple Cash 18 months after in launched in US makes me pessimistic of the likelihood of seeing the Apple Credit Card over here anytime soon.

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Almost everything Apple announced at their services keynote was US-only for now. They have a tendency to do that - it’s really annoying! They really don’t put in enough effort for international services expansion unlike a certain finance app we know of :wink:

They can do AppleTV+ in hundreds of countries because it’s their own content, and they can do Apple Music like that too because streaming music has been around for ages now. They’ve clearly got good negotiating teams in the US to be able to make such a low-fee credit card, and get people access to the WSJ for way less than WSJ’s own subscription fee… so why can’t they replicate that effort across Europe?

Anyway rant over… if they come out with it in the UK I’ll definitely be getting one.



You can be sure it will happen. :wink:

We should start a petition :rofl::wink:

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It will be available to the UK market, but the likelihood of the great cash back rate on all purchases? Not a chance!

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You just like your Tandem too much. :wink:

Not particularly.

Are you saying we should roll back consumer protection? Shame on you!

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I just want an Emma credit card full of gummy bears.

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This would be :heart_eyes:

If they can give me 3% cashback on my iPhone and let me put it through BA Executive Club at the same time I’ll have one just for those occasions :joy::joy:

For what it’s worth though I reckon we get a watered down version of the Apple Card within the next 2 years as Apple tries the UK to see if it’s viable to offer credit cards in an EU country with a lot of consumerism (we’re probably the closest EU country to America in this aspect)

Can it give me cashback… In gummy bears?


I love Apple but I can’t see me getting one. Not sure that I’ve ever had a credit card.

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What’s wrong with credit cards?

Was a bit paranoid about debt. Doubt I would get one now anyway since my illness is affecting my ability to work.

I think credit cards can be good for rewards and a lot of people use them here for the benefits but I would never get a credit card unless I knew I could afford to pay it off in full or monthly on 0% interest for X months. (obvs it’s good for credit rating if you want to buy a house) Having spent a lot of time on IG following the debt-free community, it’s really hard to get out of.