Changing payment method on a subscription / committed spend

I had a committed spend due a few days ago. It was paid but I had changed the payment method earlier in the month (switched from one card to another). Emma doesn’t seem to have figured out the subscription was paid on a different account/card and so the subscription is still showing in my upcoming committed spend (but with a date in the past).

What is the recommended course of action here? Should I go through a two step process of 1) inactivating the existing subscription in my committed spend list (associated with previous payment card) and then 2) manually marking the transaction associated with the new card as a subscription?

Perhaps a better approach (that does not seem to be currently available) would be if we could inform Emma of the account/card switch directly via the subscription entry in the committed spend list.

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Can you ping live chat? @Joel can have a look. :slight_smile: