Apple in app subscriptions

Not sure if anyone heard of the dispute between the new email company and Apple, the dispute didn’t last long but the gist was didn’t want their subscription model in app as Apple get a 15% - 30% Cut, the dispute didn’t take long and eventually Apple allowed them to publish their app and HEY.COM only take subscriptions online so they don’t have to lose a large percentage of revenue. Where I’m getting at is wouldn’t it be sensible if Emma took the same approach at £60 for a year and if Apple takes up to 30% that’s up to £18 per subscriber, for every 10 that’s £180, every 100 subs £1800. I don’t think it affects any app quality would probably help the company grow :star_struck:

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I think they’d need to ‘rework’ the sign-up process to happen via a web app outside of Apple’s control for this to be allowed. So they’d need to build an Emma Pro web app which would be a tonne of work.

I think ‘gaining more users’ over ‘taking a larger slice of the pie’ is a smarter move at this stage in the companies life.

I appreciate what you’re saying there, but the cost of maintaining a basic e-commerce platform and attaching it to the website would be far cheaper! The idea of having a web platform is most probably very far away, Having a e-commerce section of the main website wouldn’t take to much time and not only that, unless you’re a twitter user or you’re apart of this community or you happen to try the app you don’t get much intel in advance about Pro, I wouldn’t of been able to tell you about if I hadn’t of tried Emma myself. Apologies about the length :joy: If we had 100 users a year for 3 years that’s approximately £5400 thrown away when that could of helped towards growth, e-commerce platforms range between £10-£30 a month and that depends on traffic :slight_smile: