API for data export


I’d love to be able to pull my Emma data via an API. I know there is the export function, but it’s something I’d like to automate.

The use case is that I have a database which existed before Emma which id like to import my Emma data into.

Is this something you’d consider as a Pro feature or maybe a paid add on?


I wonder if you can do most of this already with the Excel export. What database are you using?

A propos of this, it would be great to add unique IDs to transactions in the Excel export, which should make importing more recent transactions easier.

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We can do this.

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Thanks for the replies. The export would work, but it would be nice to have something which I can automate - also is the export CSV or is it XSLX?

As of today, it should be a csv. :slight_smile:

Is it likely you’ll offer an API at all?

Not sure how often older threads are read!

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I would say yes, but not in the short term. :wink: