Ability to Import CSVs

I just signed up to Chase Bank and realised that it’s not possible to connect yet due to not having a API. Therefore, it would be great to be able to import my Chase spends into the app.

To make this easy might require the ability to export all the fields currently used in Emma as a blank template before import.

Hopefully this is a straight forward request others would find value you in.

There was discussion about this a few years ago…

I did search last year’s conversations and found nothing. Clearly should have gone further back.

Also I spoke to Chase Bank and there is no plan to create an open API.

This may now be the missing feature which forces me to stop being an Emma pro member.

Would be interested to know if the thoughts around implementing this had changed.

The way to fix the matching issue is the same implemented by almost all companies: allow a template of all imported fields. This allows data to be codified in a way as regular transitions, which should allow enrichment to still be possible.

The support team mentioned that Truth Layer was no longer used for enrichment. Therefore, if no API component is in use for data enhancement, a CSV (if properly organised) should work as well as a bank connection.

Still would be interested to hear Emma staff on this issue. Given then Chase is currently offering the best rates in the industry and will not be useable in the app for the foreseeable future.