Annual Budgets/Goals

Any way we can choose to move to an annual view of our budgets etc - some things naturally map to a monthly spend, but lots fit annual better and then knowing I’ve underspent a holiday budget in Mar/Apr/May etc nd then ‘overspent’ in Jul/Aug etc is technically accurate, but not actually that useful.

And then if you can scale out/zoom out, then it would be great to be get to a place where we can see year-on-year to show progress (hopefully!) - and also for you guys, get people to stay long term with some real valuable insight (over purely the super short term month-view)



Hey @APW

This is an interesting topic - would you prefer an annual budget over a monthly budget or would you want the option to do both in Emma?

There’s been some conversation around managing annual expenses here that you might find useful?

I would love to get the possibility to choose between monthly and annual.
And also I would love to be able to access the annual monthly average for all categories, that would be very helpful.
I find the averages that are displayed in the budget confusing as they don’t seem to match my spending.
Being able to look at my account from an annual perspective rather than be limited to a monthly perspective would be really helpful in getting an accurate picture of my spending trends. Thanks