Feature request - Cumulative spend relative to last month


What I really want to know is am I on course to hit my budget or am I overspending.

To see this what would be good is to see my current monthly cumulative spend relative to last month (or the average month)

Then I can see it quickly


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Yes, this is coming in 2-3 weeks - we have an early design. :point_down:


This is going to be 3rd graph you can use instead alongside the pie chart and the cash flow.

We are also adding a filter by accounts functionality. :slight_smile:

Can we have the option to set either pie chart, bar graph or this nee chart as the default rather than switching every time i open that tab

Love the look of this!

This is a cool feature, looking forward to this.
Will there be an option to have this also for annual not just monthly spending/saving?
Would be great to see if one has been able to be better/worse off than last year (though given where the global economy is heading, the insights gained might be rather bleak :crazy_face:)

I love this feature, however could you also include a horizontal line which shows average spending for that year or last X months? That way I can see if I’m on track with my average spend across the entire year


Hey Julian! This is a great idea and would be a really useful tool to see how your spending is tracking on average on a larger scale and definitely something we’ll look into doing!

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