Analytics & Budgeting Improvements

Are we able to set default graph views or the graph picked is locked in until changed

I think there is some value in ‘previous month’ too (or any user selectable month). For example, if you have spent heavily one month, your aim for the following month might be to spend less than the previous month. There might also be some value in seeing how your spending compares to the same month in the previous year.

The ideal would be to have options. But if no options, my preference would be for the reference/comparison line to reflect the average of several previous months.


Agreed more options to dial in exactly what i want would be ideal, but i totally agree an average is what would be preferred if i cant select anything

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Agreed! It would definitely be useful to compare to last month, as well as last year, or the average of last 12.

This is all live for everyone.

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Excellent news @edoardomoreni :grin:

I’ve already had a play with spend over time (yearly period) and like what I see.

Just wondering if other users also experience the analytics page “crashing” randomly when swiping through the periods. I get put back to the home screen and have to start again.
Not a biggie but annoying.

Any chance you can ping live chat? We can check this

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Will do :+1:t2:

@edoardomoreni I don’t know if anyone has already asked for it before, but it would be great to add another option similar to ‘all accounts’ with ability to refine categories. This would allow to switch off the categories such as Bills which usually take a fixed amount every month at the same dates and are not really needed for comparison.

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Just to add to this that while I love the analytics in Emma without being able to include pending transactions in either budgeting or spending it’s not very useful.

For example, I’ve a £200 or so difference between what I’ve spent and what Emma thinks I have because Christmas.

Please consider this feature in 2023c, it would
complete the app for me.

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Can we please add a percentage functionality in the spend by categories. Although it’s great I know my exact monetary spend, I would like to know the percent of my total spend per category. I feel this should be a fairly straightforward addition.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! Some really good and interesting ideas here :slight_smile:

I will make sure to pass this all on to the Product team!

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