Aggregated budget view - multiple months/year

My suggestion is to have an option where you can select multiple months at once to see an aggregated spent vs the aggregated budget. This would allow you to see that you spend x amount on eating out over the last 9 months vs. a budget of x amount for the same period


Hi @Jbps :metal: :v: :wave:

Good idea. I think months would be easier to build this functionality around rather than comparing paydays.

Where would you put this comparison in Emma? In the ‘Feed’ tab?

I think as long as it has an aggregate view of the budgets over time then it would be useful to users. I wouldn’t have it in the feed, I would have it as a selector under the analytics feed, An option where you get to select the months from a list, from the past two years maybe, and then this totals up the budgets and spends. Additionally, when you look at a previous month, you only get to see the spend vs total budget, you don’t get to see the breakdown in budgets and that info would also be useful to see