Add transactions from closed account


Just started use Emma and I love it straight forward. There is only one future that I am missing.

I recently moved to Monzo from FirstDirect. My FD account is closed but I have pdf with all historical transaction that I would love to import to Emma so they gets annalised.

Is there any way to import those transactions?


Hi Maciej,

thanks for posting!

We don’t have a way to import transactions as today. :slight_smile:

You can create manual transactions and balances in Emma Pro.

It might take you a while though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that at least on your road map for future features?

This is something we have considered, but it’s quite difficult to make it easy to use.

The reason is you would need to have the transactions in a specific format, for example csv, and they would need to follow the parameters we need.

So that would be function for experience users only :grin:.

I have no problems to put my data in supported and formated csv files before importing to Emma.

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Yes, this is power user to the next level. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: