Siri Shortcut to add manual transaction

Hello! I really love Emma! The only feature I really need which is missing is to manually import transactions.

Since the functionality exists to add one transaction at a time, I thought a (somewhat) easy way to provide the ability to import many transactions without needing to manually enter them all, and without much development work needed. If I could use a Siri shortcut to create transactions in a particular account, then I could loop through the thousands of transactions and add these myself. Hoping this feature can be added at some point :smiley:

Hey @chrisink22 :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community and thanks for your suggestion! :blush:

How would you see the Siri shortcut working? Do you think it would be much quicker than adding them into the app manually?

Hey Rebekah!

Thanks for your response. It would simply allow you to add a transaction with the below options:

  1. The reference (or name)
  2. The bank account
  3. The category
  4. The amount of the transaction
  5. The date

It would be all the same data that’s currently used when manually entering a transaction, but the fact that it’s a Siri Shortcut would allow us to automate adding many transactions.

Anyone could then create a Siri Shortcut to manually pull data from a CSV with thousands of transactions, which could then be added one by one with a loop.

Users would just need to make sure the CSV file is in the specific format as listed above.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Thanks, that makes sense!

Do you use Shortcuts a lot in other apps?