Importing transactions data and creating sub-Categories

Hi All, just started using Emma Pro and I like the layout, interface and its existing capabilities. There are a couple of things I believe could help improve the App and wanted to check with the audience whether anyone already found some custom solutions within the app for the below, and if not - do you think these would find a good use in your Emma experiences ?

  1. If you create an offline account in Emma - since your account is not in the existing bank list - there currently is no ability to import transactions data from other sources (.csv, .txt, etc), hence you need to manually input the transactions in that offline account if you want these analysed. This could be very challenging if it is an actively used account.

  2. Is there any capability to create sub-categories under main categories; eg “Clothing” under a category like “Shopping” ?


Heyyyy @Murat :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community and thanks for sharing these ideas!

  1. Importing transactions from an offline account is quite a difficult task, but a CSV import is something that we have included on our long-term roadmap.

  2. Subcategories are another thing that’s on our roadmap! There’s another thread about subcategories here that you might find interesting :blush:

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Definitely want this to keep a record of past projects!

Until subcategories is enabled I created my own such as Utilities. In addition, since our cell, tv and internet are all provided by the same company I created a category for CellTVInternet, so I can include prime and Youtube tv. Good luck!

Any updates on this? I have McLear payment ring that can export transactions. Would be great if you can allow to upload it to Emma App.