Add Pie Charts 🥧

How about a pie chart of spending categories over the last year (calendar or rolling) or custom dates so you can compare years etc. If you click on a category e.g. shopping, it will make a new pie chart just showing the merchants in the category?

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Hey @imran :wave:

We should be able to do something like this - we’ve added pie charts to our medium-term roadmap!

Great, thanks!

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What would you say is the most important information that you’d want to see on the Pie Chart?

Just: Click on certain category > see breakdown of spending by merchant > show £/$ value

Are you interested in seeing %s on the pie chart too? What about being able to break it down for tags/ accounts?

Yes top level pie chart with all the categories in > Click on certain category > see breakdown of spending by merchant > show £/$ value

Percentages would be good, tags too I guess, not too worried about different accounts as I guess the main use is as an aggregator.

On a different topic - for items which are billed annually, e.g. insurance, or periodically (but not monthly) is there a way to split the payment evenly over the 12 months of the current calendar (or I guess tax) year? Would just be one button / setting.

Okay awesome, that’s good to know!

You can split a transaction, but at the moment only into 10 different transactions. There has been some discussion about splitting annual payments here that might interest you?

I was thinking it might be good to have pie charts for analytics and a way to slice the data how we want it. E.g. I might want to know the total of Eating Out and Groceries categories. Or how much of a % does (Eating Out + Groceries) take of my monthly expenditure. Much like Starling Bank’s pie chart. Also, maybe I want to see what % of my Transport category is taken up by TFL and what is Uber. The data is there and Emma has done well to ensure that the data is categorised properly. But it is still not being used well!

Yearly statistics/statistics over a period of time will also be great.

Separately, a specific category/tag/Boolean flag for expenditures that I am expecting a refund/reimbursement for (eg from Amazon or from my employer) so I know how much I have spent and also what amount of that is actually not my money being spent (and to be able to track these reimbursements/refunds).

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Hey @budgetboi :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community and thank you for these suggestions!

Pie charts are something we’re planning on adding in the next few months. Love some of your ideas for further analytics though :blush:

We’ve been talking about this a little more in a separate thread here :point_right: Anticipating refunds feature

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Where are we at with pie charts?

We haven’t made much progress, but they will be in Analytics.

We are going to add a toggle so you can switch between cash flow and pie chart.

Piechart is coming either this or next week. :slight_smile:

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Early screenshot. :wink:

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This is now available to download and is getting rolled out to everyone.

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