Pie chart from the year in review

The best thing about the year in review is the pie (or ring) chart for spending categories - I would love to be able to get a view like this for the previous year/month/period in the app!


Hi @tefnjut, thanks for the feedback! :smiley: :smiley:

We can definitely think about this and ways to display that.

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I agree. Ongoing access to the pie chart and ideally the background table showing values, including a the previous year for comparison would be a very useful addition to the app.

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I am not sure if there should be a switch in Analytics to change views? As in with pie chart or without.

I paid off in full all of my credit cards. I think that’s why it said my average weekly spend was £700 per week and it definitely wasn’t £700 per week.

It say too I spend more on shopping than 99.99% of other Emma uses. Damn. I am pretty frugal when it comes to shopping too, no designer brands.

Yeah this could possibly be why the report said that. We’ll have to think of ways we can get around instances like this for next year :blush: