Anticipating refunds feature

Enable users to mark any transaction as anticipating/expecting a refund.

If the refund is not given by the merchant after X many days, send user notification so they can chase the refund up.

Option to notify when a refund arrives I think is also helpful.


Is a note not enough? Or a tag?

No. I need a reminder when a refund doesn’t arrive and the peace of mind that Emma is looking after this problem for me.

Also a tag or note doesn’t show that a transaction was actually refunded or not.

Oftentimes we take it as gospel that once a company says they have refunded us, they have. But actually, often there are “complications“ and it doesn’t actually happen.

Returns are a huge part of eCommerce now and this is a large problem.

I think Emma could build a real killer feature here!


Hey @rpm :wave:

I like this idea - thanks for suggesting it!

Would you want the reminder as a notification or just something that alerts you when you’re already in the app?

I know loads of retailers have different returns policies - some will refund you much more quickly than others. How do you see this working? Would you want to set a specific return date reminder, or just a general 14 days after x,y,z?

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Glad you like it. I think it would be a killer feature which I also don’t believe other apps have.

A push notification would be best, but as usual the ability to enable/disable it if you want.

An alert or section in the app itself also makes sense in case you miss the push.

To start with I would have the reminder set to 14 days as default, but allow the user to change this as they wish.

If the 14 day (or whatever you set) reminder triggers. It should trigger again every X many days until the refund is logged in Emma or the user removes the refund reminder from the original transaction.

Sounds like a cool feature!

I’ll share the idea with the team and see what they think :blush:

Just gonna pop in and say that this is a fantastic idea and I can’t believe nobody else had thought of it yet, myself included.

I usually keep track of these things by keeping email correspondence in my otherwise empty inbox to remind me to follow up on refunds etc, but this system is better. It makes perfect sense as Emma can already track refunds and is all about saving money!


I also like the idea. I’ve been using the General category for this - whenever I expect a refund I put the transaction into General until the refund arrives (which I also put into General). When I have a moment I check/reconcile and move the pair to the category where they really belong. It works, but it’s a workaround. It would be nice to have reminders, links between the transactions and to be able to choose how they are reported: as a debit in one month and credit in the next, or netted off against each other (which would be my preference).

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Do people get so many refunds that a feature like this would be considered so valuable?

I think I only return items once or twice a year so mentally tracking refunds (or using my general purpose todo list app) has never been an issue for me. But perhaps I’m very different from others in this regard?

However I do feel it may be worth considering this from a broader perspective - allowing alarms/notifications/todos to be added to transactions for any reason. I can think of a couple of reasons this might be useful beyond refunds

Reminder to follow up on money owed from friends for their contribution to a transaction

Remind to consider cancelling a trial resulting from a particular transaction

This one I like!

This is a clever idea, but I for it to work I think processing of refunds would need to get better. Half the time mine get put to income instead of the correct category. I feel like that shouldn’t be too hard to get right, given that e.g. a refund from TfL of £8 looks quite different to a salary payment from TfL of a couple of thousand.

Love this idea. I currently do this manually by adding a tag #flag to a transaction awaiting a refund. But then that requires me to remember to search #flag every now and again and then removing the tag.

I do like the idea of these helpful reminders - even if it was just a notification that flagged you needed to review a certain transaction

I think it would be great if we had a location in the app where you could view all your notifications/ reminders :thinking::thinking:

Hi Rebekah, has there been any progress with this idea?

Hey @rpm

I don’t think the team have started working on this yet, sorry! I’ll let you know as soon as they do :blush:

I’ve always liked the idea of a financial calendar, where you could add refund reminders, create repeating “events” for things like car insurance (much, much more powerful than trying to track a subscription - you could even link a payment to an calendar entry when it goes out!), and also more mundane things like “but a present for approx £100 for X’s wedding”.

You could even have multiple calendars, including auto-generated from Emma…

I like this idea, too.

Think it would be really useful to know when things like car insurance, phone contracts, energy tariffs, broadband, etc were ending so you could search for better deals

Maybe even add important financial dates like new tax year to remind people to make the most of their yearly tax allowances?

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Yeah, as you would public holidays for a normal diary

For me I think it would have to have some relationship/tie-in with other features of Emma (e.g. like the ones I’ve made bold). If it were just a manually created list of dates/reminders stored within the Emma app I suspect I’d just carry on using my general purpose reminder’s app (what I use now).

If Emma does produce a financial calendar feature what might be nice is the ability to publish to own general purpose calendar app/service (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc) as a shared calendar.

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This could be cool!

I can see us thinking about the notification side of things first and then (maybe) one day thinking about how we can incorporate some kind of calendar :rocket::sunglasses: