Summarize average monthly or past spending

Emma team can you include a way for users to see their average monthly spending over the past 12 months or another time period? That would be such a useful feature for financial planning and budgeting! Right now I can only see spending and income for individual months.

Yes, I love this idea!

How much detail would you want to see this info by? i.e. just a summary of all the months, or split by category, merchant etc?


Oo great question! I was thinking about seeing it by month but it would also be good to see it by category. Examples: If I select May 2020 - April 2021 I could see the average monthly spending in general, or the average monthly spending on specific categories like groceries, shopping, etc.

You can already do this (partially), just go to Analytics, click on a category and you will see the average for the past 6 months. :slight_smile:

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@edoardomoreni @Connor I think this could be looked at currently you can only see your category monthly average. I’d like to see my monthly average expenses and monthly average income as a total not just looking at each category. Also being able to see a trend of this number would be great, to know if its coming down over time. Then also set the monthly average manually would be great for either a 3,6 or 12-month period. This could be either added to the feed or within the analytics tab. The only place to find what my monthly average spend is currently is by editing the category budget, the number is there but there is no info about how its calculated and probably should be somewhere more obvious.