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Recently updated to v3 of Emma app. Liking new look overall, although personally I preferred having buttons to accounts at bottom. Buttons to Pay (and now see Invest on) not really relevant to me. (But that’s just a personal thing).

Noticed today that change to top of home screen/Feed. Used to show current accounts, then saving type accounts, then debt and then net worth. Something like that. Now the current and savings accounts are all under “Cash”. Preferred it the other way.


Yes please!! Going in and out of each section is driving me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lots of people complained so they changed it - looks like from edoardos post above the plan is current/savings/investments/net worth which I think is the best compromise - hopefully they go with this

Will you be bringing back the line graphs for each section?

We are currently trying to figure out how it works with the swipe. It might be you will need to drag the view down to see the graph.

Yes, they are coming back.

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Any update on the background colour?

I found this to be a really good combination between white and grey.

We have 4 options, but need to take sometime to test it and apply across the app - it’s a lot of screens.

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Unfortunately I don’t think everyone is going to be pleased here and there was uproar when the two were separated. It’s only one click to see them individually now if desired, whereas getting current minus card required some calculation on behalf of the user

In Emma’s defence this is a good thing to encourage people to do as part of a budgeting app

If people are doing that, they probably don’t need to budget

I’m really appreciating this tweak, so thank you!

A few suggestions…

  1. Let us swipe through Everyday, Savings, Investments and Net Worth. At the moment, you can’t get to Net Worth this way

  2. In Budgeting, let us swipe between months within a category

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