Budgeting view: why did you change it?


You do a fantastic job overall. But I don’t understand the new design… It was amazing to be able to see all the budget categories as well as the ones that were not budgeted so I could see what was falling outside of my key budget buckets. Now it’s split into two different views. The new budget view doesn’t show you if you have transactions outside of the budgets and the view of spend doesn’t show you if you’ve spent more than budgeted…


I’ve brought this up - I created a thread and it was closed and ignored, unanswered. I’ve asked in other threads and it was also ignored.

It’s essential to be able to see if you spent in a category you didn’t have a budget for - to make the decision on whether you need a budget or how to spend differently in the future.

The only workaround I have found for now is to set a £1 budget on every single category - not ideal, and doesn’t have the same effect.


And that thread was just closed too. That’s just sad and if I can be brutally honest, poor showmanship.


I completely agree, and why i created a community profile - to be able to feed back on it. Maybe it’s just me but I like things adding up and not seeing all your spend in the budget categories is odd.

Emma team, please reconsider this design. Most months I have spend prop up from a new company and automatically drop into general, to have to go into different screens to re categorise isn’t user friendly.

I love that you’ve made it so all budgets show, regardless of spend. If you can add in no budgets with spend too it really will be an awesome app.


I know this has been discussed but to give a visual example - the fact some budgets say “over” and some say “left” in the same place isn’t helpful at a glance.

I found it far easier to be able to glance at how much was spent on each budget, and then for the extra “over” or “left” information to be there in addition.

This is changing next week, we have a design for it.


Great! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve asked in other threads and it was also ignored

I created a thread asking about refunds for Emma Pro users who now find the app unusable and it was “unlisted”.



Looks as if Emma are making most of the changes suggested: Account visibility - #5 by Filipov

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Yes, alongside the budgeting improvements that have been asked here.

Hi @edoardomoreni , by chance did you decide to add categories that had no set budget into the budget view so all adds up to the total figure?

The way it is built today is a bit inconsistent and makes it harder to analyse. The total budget could be more than sum of category budgets, but the difference is never explicitly displayed. E.g. in the budgeting view there is no “Uncategorised” line that bundles spending in all categories with no budget set and compares it against the uncategorised budget (Total budget minus sum of all category budgets).

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We are looking at this closely and might have an update soon.

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Thanks for letting know!