Would be great for Project Management!

I think that Emma is awesome. I would even love to use it for my business (construction) if I was able to assign sub-categories, cost-categories, projects and site number to cost. Even more awesome would be if you could add invoice receipts and if these could be read by the app to know e.g there are 6 items on the list, and then offer the option to categorise each item. E.g.

First item options:

Project: your list of sites
Site No: so you can assign it
Category: Build cost or professional fee etc
Sub-category: Super-structure, foundation etc.
Cost-category: cement, brick etc.

I do this at the min through Excel & Power BI but your app would be amazing for business if it could do an all in one for management accounting.

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Hey @fraser :v:

We’re currently concentrating on personal finances first but business Emma is something that’s on the back burner to consider when we get bigger. Keep an eye out :wink:

Cool. You’d have done a really great job!

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