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I’m brand new to Emma but already I can see it’s going to be a massive help for my budget the only thing I’m missing from my old spreadsheet style of budgeting is the idea of a wishlist.

This is something my partner and I use at the moment, when we see something we’d like to buy but know we can’t afford it right away we post a link and the price on the wishlist, then if we have a good month and there’s budget left over rather than buying the first thing that comes to our mind we take a look at the list and pick the most appropriate things.

It’s worked really well, mostly it keeps us both from just buying things on impulse, but it also reminds us to talk to each other before we spend large amounts of money (it’s also really handy when you’re stuck for a birthday present!).

For applicable items we save links to site like https://pricespy.co.uk/ so we can see what the price now is for things we come back to later.

Would be great if I could maintain a list like this in Emma!

Anyway thanks for all the work that’s clearly gone in so far, I feel like an idiot for struggling along with Google Sheets for as long as I did after getting this set up so quickly!

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Hey @JoshButterworth

Welcome to the Emma community!

My name is Lilli and I am Head of Community and Brand here at Emma.

Absolutely love this idea! I personally always have a list somewhere, either on excel or in notes on my phone.

How would you like the list to work? Would you like to be able to tick off things you have bought? Would you like to add notes? direct links?

Would be good to get a better idea of this, that way I can share with the team :slight_smile:

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I like this idea too :slight_smile: my holiday planning in advance is going to go a lot smoother instead of blowing 1.5k in a month :sweat_smile:

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Hi Lilli,

At the moment we have a checklist in google sheets that has a name, description, link and price, when we buy something we check it off, having the list of things you’ve bought is quite nice, reminds you where the money has gone.

I was thinking you’d have a similar list in Emma and maybe towards the end of the month Emma could send you a notification to the effect of ‘you’re £X under budget this month, there are things on your wishlist you could pick up today!’

It would be awesome if Emma could do some crawling and work out the current price for you as well.



Emma should look for the most expensive price it can find imo and then let you know it could cost up to that amount rather than trying to find the cheapest and failing!

Hey Josh

Amazing, this is great feedback. I will pass on to the team now.

I like the idea of the notifcations letting you know that you can purchase from your wish list as well. That would be a nice touch :slight_smile:

If you have any ideas in the future please feel free to share them here!


Lilli :slight_smile:

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