Why You Need Emma Pro

We can add this - it really takes us a second.

We should be able to release a feature next week that detects the transaction coming out from your current account and assigns it to the offline account of your choice - in this case Plum.

That’d be awesome. I have lots of weird intricate ways I’ve started to use Emma tbh, and the better the features become the more I can do! :slight_smile:


My biggest use is custom categories. The rest I don’t use so much. I want to make better use of split categories but just haven’t yet.

Any particular reason?

I think it’s quite handy if you do a big shop and buy stuff for other people, Seeing as it’s mostly a certain age group, would be good if there was a way to put it into a beyond basic version to cater to the older generation, maybe a web version , as much as I’m enjoying Pro, I do think for the original cost and for the features you obtain , Emma’s missing a trick with the amount of value you could add to it , do you have any analytics for amount of users and age group ? If that’s allowed to be shared :thinking:

It’s important to note that while there can be a higher outlay early on, over time supporting the app will lead to lower costs (usually) and more features so I treat Emma Pro as an investment if anything.

I think not taking paper receipts often mean it’s a best guess unless you note what you purchase in each category as you shop.

The simple ones such as petrol at Sainsbury’s and buying some food as you pay is easy as you often remember how much fuel you put in without taking a receipt.

On the subject of icons :wink: @edoardomoreni

I was bored and decided to give you some inspiration :joy:

image image image

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Notice how it goes from Emma Hijacking Snapchat to fallout TV :crazy_face::joy:

I second your suggestion of pots within accounts. It would really help me.
Any unallocated money could automatically go to an unallocated pot and any withdrawals would need to allocated to a pot too.

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3rd one is V cool!

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How would you see this being laid out in Emma? Say for example you had a manual savings account - would you want to see the total on the accounts tab for that one account, and then if you clicked into it be able to see all of the pots that sat under that account?

Lol post lockdown madness :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: yeah it did make me laugh :laughing: Emma meets American Psycho :crazy_face:

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Hi Rebekah, yes, that would work. Ideally I’d want to be able to have targets for pots too - eg - a savings account with £10k has a pot called holiday with £1k in it and a target of £2k. Kind of combining the target idea and the pots really.

Yeah love that idea! :star_struck:

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Glitch Bear :wink:

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Last one :wink:

Neon Bear :wink: :joy:

This bear looks like he would live in a house furnished head-to-toe in velvet haha

Haha :joy: pimp my bear :wink:

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Hahah love it!

Did you guys make an announcement about the reduced pricing? I like to think I keep up to date with Emma’s email and Twitter feed and I had no idea about the new pricing until I went to look a few days ago.

Emma Pro at this price is a no-brainer but I really think you guys should be publicising the price a bit more because it used to be very expensive - up to £10 a month - so it would have put a lot of people off before.

Suffice to say I have subscribed again, I needed my precious manual accounts back…