Why don't rolling budgets take away when over spent?

Hi, is there a reason rolling budgets cant “take away” from the next month? It seems to me at least that rolling budgets only really make sense for flexible/adhoc budget items but it would be good if I could use this to know what my actual “balance” in that budget line was. If its not willing to “take away” then I cant see any way of doing this.



Hey @skaze(John) :wave:

Thanks for raising this question!

When the team designed Rolling Budgets, they initially only designed it to carry over left-over amounts rather than overspends which is why you’re seeing the behaviour you described on your end.

We’re hearing your call that it’d be useful to have both and we can certainly consider adding this


Thanks for the prompt reply.

It might be inappropriate to expand this thread into a more broad topic of budget management but have you any plans to provide features similar to those of the budget focused app “you need a budget” aka YNAB which has recently added support for UK banks?

I am currently trialling YNAB and from what I can tell so far it appears to provide some very powerful capabilities. It would be amazing if Emma had this level of sophistication.

I may start a new thread on YNAB as others might be interested in this set of features.


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Hey @skaze, go ahead and create a new thread so others can join in the conversation