Rolling budgets (please)


Rolling budgets has been “coming soon” for 6+ months now. This was the reason I got Emma pro. I know that this will probably get tagged with “most wanted features”, but I don’t know how else to raise visibility. Like I get that y’all are a startup and priorities change, but I’m starting to lose faith a bit that these features will ever come.

I’ve really liked the idea of Emma, but not sure I will stick around if the features I came for don’t get improved/built.


Hi @luketomlinson,

I am Edoardo, co-founder of Emma. :slight_smile:

We have decided to prioritise this for Q1, meaning Feb-March.

I hope we can get it out as soon as possible.

Any update on Rolling Budgets? They were supposed to be our last spring.

Hii @Mariamoose :wave:

Adding your comment into this thread - hoping they’ll be out by Feb-March :blush:

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