Rolling budgets - handling overspending

I’d love it if rolling budgets simply kept a tally of the current budget balance, adding the budget amount each month.

Say I have a rolling budget of 50 for books but spend 120 in the first month, I would like the month 2 budget to start -70. Assuming nothing was spent in month 2, month 3 would start -20 and so forth. Thus, again assuming no book spend, month 4 would start 30 and month 5, 80. A 30 spend in month 5 would leave 50 to carry forward to month 6.

That’s how I expected a rolling budget would work but overspending doesn’t seem to carry over.

I’m not sure if this is a bug report or a feature request as the documentation is unclear.


Hey @JustDave,

thanks for posting in the community!

I’d say a bit of both - we didn’t plan for overspending when releasing the feature, but this is something that can be looked into.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Well, I tend to go over budget sometimes and have to just accept it but I like this idea a lot as it would work for a monthly budget for annual expenditure. I’m for it :+1:t4:

Same issue overspend doesnt carry over but definitely should be an option along with rolling budgets being able to be carries over for specific categories not just a global toggle. Entertainment i want rolling budgets but for rent or groceries i want a hard budget.

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