Crowdfunding for Emma

We have never thought about this, but it would be interesting to know what your thoughts are.

Would you be interested in Emma?

Have you previously invested in other Fintechs? If so, who? What was the experience like for you?


If you were to look for investment, where do you inject it?

  • Staffing
  • Tech Development
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:earth_americas: Expansion
:family_man_man_girl_boy: People
:hammer_and_wrench: Product, Product, Product - the most important thing.


I am interested, you bet I am.
Currently I have invested a tiny little with Monzo and Chip.

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Raised £175k on Seedrs a few years back, and invested in a few fintechs (largest being Monzo).

What would you be raising for, what’d be the runway length and where would you be when the raise runs out?

Ehehe, we don’t have anything planned yet; but I think it would be nice to share a slice of the cake with other institutional investors and angels. :wink:

We did a couple of raises last year.


good plan! Happy to contribute if you keep the speedy updates, awesome product and great customer service up :wink:

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The only issue we think there is with a crowdfunding is time, bureaucracy and everything related. I think Monzo pretty much had a huge chunk of the team focused on that for weeks, which is not ideal. :slight_smile:

Then there are also the “fake crowdfundings” with 7-8 angel investors that put £50k tickets + some users. :sweat_smile:

Monzo’s last round was quite a big round! Hypothetically How much would Emma be looking to raise?

£1 billion. :smirk::smirk:

Yes, would be interested and never previously invested.

Only invested in Monzo, hopeing it pays back in the long term.

Do you know the dynamics of crowd cube and how it works out legally for you?

Yes, I’d be interested. Have invested in a few Fintechs - Monzo, Freetrade, Coconut, Chip, and Jaja.

How’s Jaja doing?

No idea really. They seem to have been delayed from their initial stated plan to have had a public launch by now. But they don’t report on progress often or in depth so don’t know what the hold up is.

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If you were to do this I’d like it made extremely clear the implications of changing someone’s tax status plus that their investment won’t be liquidated possibly until Emma goes bust (although we hope it won’t it’s still possible!)

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Yes, of course. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting to see all these Fintechs going for it, but we have never had a public opinion about it.

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Longtime lurker first time poster here :slight_smile:

I would absolutely love for emma to do a crowdfund raise - it’s always great to be an early adopter+investor (testing new features, exclusive updates, etc), it feels much more involved than being merely an early user. I’ve long been waiting for the right finance app and am wondering if Emma might fill that gap. Knowing the financial health and company ethos of Emma (i.e. through a pitch deck and shareholder updates) would make me more comfortable trusting them with my financial data :+1:

I personally don’t think there’d be a problem raising capital, given a reasonable valuation.

I’m indifferent as to the platform used. Crowdcube’s fee structure is vastly cheaper in the event of a profitable exit - but I agree they’re weaker on due diligence :confused: Also, Seedrs have strong investor protections that can have a material positive effect on return (e.g. pre-emption rights). But then, crowdcube has a larger user base so one would presume a greater pool of crowd capital and potential users.

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Do crowdfunding platforms run due diligence? :open_mouth: