What happened to button to share account details?

I remember in the past that Emma had a button that let you send someone your account sort code and number.

Now I can’t find it. Has it gone or moved?

It was very useful from time to time. Now, I can only read the numbers in the app instead.

Anyone else remember using this feature?


We removed this with the new new redesign back in October.

The main reason was no one really used it. I am open to bring it back, but in a different format somewhere else. :slight_smile:

It would be great to hear your thoughts.

Not sure where would be best to put this. Maybe on the account Edit menu you could add a Share details item.

It’s not something I have used a lot either, but very useful when I don’t want to go into other apps to get details.

I’ve used it 1) when I’ve wanted someone to pay into an account I don’t normally use to receive payments and 2) when I want to pay into an account, but I don’t have the account number saved in whatever app I’m using.

I’ve also used it a few times to double check the account number when making large transfers between my accounts.

I admit, these are pretty rare cases.

If you do add this again, it would be good to be able to add account details for manual accounts, BTW :wink:

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We thought about this as a “growth hack”, so people could quickly share the details by using Emma. We even added a link to the site when copy/pasting.

However, the data was telling us the opposite of what we hoped. ehehe

I still think it can be useful if placed in the right spot, so everyone is aware and use it. :wink:

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I thought I couldn’t find it the other day, no wonder I was having difficulty :joy:


I’d also like to see it back, so some more support in here would help me make my case :grin:

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Ehehehe, we totally should bring it back. ahha

I’m not sure we’re representative of all users though, if it didn’t actually get used much!

I was looking for this a week or so ago and thought I had imagined it! Glad to know I’m not going crazy. As you say, it was really helpful infrequently on the rare occasion I need acc details and don’t want to log into the different banking apps.

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Removing this minor feature has made us all question our sanity.

Surely bring it back for the sake of our mental health, or I’m going to wonder about it every time I open the app… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To be honest, there was also a massive button in More called ‘Share Account’, which I think drove a few people crazy and scared them. lol

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I also spent a good 5 minutes hunting around the app trying to remember where this option was before and couldn’t understand why I was having such a hard time finding it again.

I’d suggest it could be brought back under the “…” menu within the account view for each individual account, as you generally want to share the details on a single account. Alternatively a long-press on the account in the accounts list may be natural, but is an interaction that doesn’t exist today and so may not be discovered by many.

In terms of the justification for the feature - even if it’s not used really heavily, it’s another reason for users to open up Emma (perhaps instead of their individual bank’s own app) which would increase stickiness and mindshare for your app.

I like the suggestion of having the copy button underneath ‘…’