Manual accounts - appearance in accounts list

Could there be some way to at-a-glance distinguish connected and manual accounts in the accounts lists (accounts tab)?

I’ve only been using manual accounts for a couple of months but already find myself forgetting which accounts are connected (via provider api) and which are manual.

There are probably several ways this could be achieved. Here are a couple of ideas - perhaps a little ‘M’ overlay on the account’s logo/icon, or perhaps the text ‘Manual account’ displayed under account name (where some connected accounts have sort code and account number).

Hey @o99 :wave:

This is an interesting idea

I just look to see if there is a sort code and anything that doesn’t have one I know is a manual account - but appreciate it might be different if you have other accounts?

I’ll pass the idea onto our designer and see if there’s a way we can nicely incorporate this into the app design :blush:

Any account not in GBP doesn’t display account details. Paypal as well. I’m sure there are others

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I have some accounts connected via open banking that don’t have sort code or account number in Emma.

Monzo savings
Santander savings

It just occured to me I can sort of resolve this issue myself by suffixing manual account names with something like “(manual)”. But something incorporated into the app design might look cleaner and avoid difficulties that might be posed by long manual account names.

Something like the ability to group your accounts and perhaps even create your own tabs?! :joy:

Haha it would be so interesting to see what everyones Emma app looked like if we had the option to add your own tabs

What tabs would you add/ remove?

There are so many possibilities, I don’t know where to start! It would depend on how flexible the design can be.

I’d like my frequently used accounts (starred maybe?) on tab one - the current accounts and credit cards I use on a near-daily or daily basis. Then I’d have tabs for actively used current/credit and inactive, but need to be monitored.

I’d also like to be able to split savings into short term, medium term and long term and aggregate/group savings accounts, so I can see a single figure eg for how much I have saved at Halifax (I don’t care too much about the specific accounts I have - I have at least four now with Halifax, whereas I do want to see the total I have with them).

I’d split the Investments tab into meaningful categories, such as “highly speculative/basically gambling”, to P2P, to balanced portfolios and “very boring pension”. Clumping it all together under Investments doesn’t give you much of an overview.

On the loans tab, I have quite a few manual accounts, which I use to subtract certain future spending and keep a log of the tax I’ve paid and upcoming payments (which I treat as debt for the purpose of my running net worth). I would split this up into work/non-work as a start.

I’d create a tab for my misc manual accounts. I find it easier in some cases to exclude a transaction in a real account and create a load of manual transactions for Analysis instead. This works well for Amazon, for example. I also have a manual account for whenever I pay for something and someone part pays me. Exclude the real transactions and create a single transaction for what you paid - much neater!

Of course, not everyone is quite so particular :joy:

Haha how many accounts do you have connected to Emma in total?

Maybe one day we could have an Emma Extreme subscription which gives you a completely personalised view of the whole app :grinning:

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I sync 27 institutions. I’ve not actually counted accounts! Give me a minute


33 active real on Everyday
14 active real on Savings
(loads of hidden or closed)

24 manual all over the place, not including the extra categories under Net Worth (an additional 10 there)

So around 47 syncing and around 80 total

Not many then :joy:

I have 11 atm and I thought that was quite a lot haha