What do you think about the new Apple AirTags?

“The Apple product, which will cost £29, is a small round disk that can be attached to anything and transmit a Bluetooth signal to an iPad or iPhone to alert the user of its location.”

Anyone thinking of buying??

They seem a bit dear to me.

Could be handy to keep one in my trousers in case I come home without them one day. I’d be able to see where they are, and work out which bus I’ve left them on this time.


Maybe a belt is a better investment for you :grinning:

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My only issue with them really is that they ping an iPhone nearby to say it’s a lost item and being tracked.

Great if a Good Samaritan finds your bag and wants to return it.

Bad if a thief takes it and is then alerted to it being tracked, removes the AirTag and it’s rendered useless.

I’m very apprehensive about strangers being alerted to a lost item nearby them.

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Yeah I was wondering how easy they were to remove? Because then like you say anyone could find it and just remove the tags? Will be interesting to see if they become popular…

You just remove the back and take the battery out. Done.

They aren’t designed to prevent theft, but I suspect a lot of people will see it as a theft prevention device, or the ability to track a thief with their device, when in reality it’s designed to alert the thief that they are being tracked, essentially!

My understanding is they’re only alerted if they are already traveling with the item, not if it’s stationary. So your concern may only apply to items left in a vehicle (e.g. left on a bus).

It’s in part an anti-stalking feature I suppose, although only prevents stalking of iPhone users. I suppose Apple sees Android users as fair game!

Indeed, though in a busy city it’s inevitable that some people will leave things in buses/trains/taxis etc.

I know it’s not an anti-theft device but I do think people will see it as one, and I’d be much happier with one that silently tracked my items and I could find them myself than alert a stranger nearby and rely on their good will to return it.

But I also see the anti-stalker aspect to it. How do other tracking tiles counter this?

Not sure. Haven’t really looked at others. I suspect the sheer size of Apple’s Find My network means this is probably the first time it emerges as a significant concern amongst mainstream consumers.

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I think they’re cool. Won’t be buying until gen 2 though haha

What do you think will be different? Can’t imagine much will change.

I think it will be more interesting to see what 3rd parties come up with

I’d like to see a card that slips into a wallet (something like this), spectacle frames, and USB thumb drive.

Maybe you can guess what things I’ve lost in the past!

Now that I’m working remotely (forever) the only use I can think of, I would put an AirTag on my luggage during travels just to check that is on the plane with me before departure :grinning: