Apple Event September 2021

Who tuned in to yesterday’s Apple event and what are your thoughts?

Have any products grabbed your attention? Parting with your cash to purchase a new product?

I personally bought an iPhone 12 Pro a few months back and I’m not sure the 13 is enticing enough to make me switch anytime soon. I’ve always considered an Apple Watch though so that could potentially be added to my cart :shopping_cart:

See what was announced:

No, like you I upgraded last year to the iPhone 12 Pro and an Apple Watch series 6, so there’s not enough to make me leap upwards again.

My better half wants an Apple Watch so I will consider getting him this for Christmas.

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I got one via Vitality and still paying for it after a year and half. :laughing:

I think it’s clear to see Apple are running dry.


I looked at this and given I get health insurance via work, it didn’t make sense for me but my friend does it and goes for his hour walk a day to make sure he doesn’t pay for the watch :joy:

I love my Apple Watch, best thing I purchased.

I’ve always looked into Apple Watches but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. By the sounds of it, I think I should give it another look and potentially make the purchase!

Honestly, I needed a new phone as I could no longer update mine or install some apps, but I wanted the watch.

I’m happy with both but I often leave my phone at home and take the watch out (I don’t have the cellular option) and focus on exercise and gamification of my health.

I love the fact it gives some metrics around how well my heart and lungs perform in terms of exercise.

The one downside for me is that I don’t want to get it wet and so I have to actively take time to clean it regularly and it can be a pain.

That’s great, I’ve definitely been focusing on being healthier and moving more of late so I think the gamification element of the Apple Watch would be great for me.

I’ve heard that there are waterproof cases that you can purchase for the watch but I don’t think any are good enough at what they say they do. Would be great to see if Apple incorporate that in the future.

I’ve wanted the Apple Watch for ages but the new series 7 was very underwhelming. Basically if they can release a watch that will track my glucose, stress, hydration, sleep, inflammation levels then I’d be impressed. Reaching for the sky maybe?

Do you think the cellular option is worth it? I would prefer to just go phoneless for days

Not watched the keynote yet but read about it. Its basically an iPhone 12+, not iPhone 13, really.

Bit faster, bit better battery, better camera should be a given.

So from what I can tell its basically the cinematic/portrait camera stuff, the notch is a bit smaller and if you get the Pro version its 120Hz display. All these changes are nice but its not a significant difference. I recently got iPhone 12 after I broke my iPhone X by mistake. I was waiting for the iPhone 13 so a bit disappointed “had” to get iPhone 12 since I knew iPhone 13 out soon. But I am not missing out on much and in a way saved some money. Even more because I could get cashback and cheap vouchers.

I reckon if you have an iPhone X or older, could be worth an upgrade. If you have more recent, not worth the upgrade. Unless for some reason you need 1TB storage

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Apple Watch can track sleep. There are apps which claim to track stress. Not show about the other things

I use Oura ring and works really well.

Isn’t it waterproof to 50m? I wear my Series 2 - yes, I know I need to upgrade! - in the shower and when I go swimming.

I chose to not get the cellular option as I spend so much time online with work, I want to go off grid as much as possible.

It is but I just haven’t been able to get myself into that trusting space yet :wink: my friends laugh as me as I wrap my iPhone in cling film when I went to the amusement park or if it rains heavily. :joy:

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Making the effort to cling film wrap when you could just use a ziplok bag shows commitment, but I’m betting the iPhone is waterproof too… :sweat_smile:

It is waterproof for sure. Climg film doesn’t interfere with the touch screen and can be stretched over the camera to continue taking pictures without distortion. One day I’ll be comfortable letting it get wet…