Wealthsimple not syncing

Hey Emma Community,

Just a heads-up that Wealthsimple is stopping their connection with us today which means that any existing connections to Wealthsimple in Emma will no longer update and you won’t be able to add any new Wealthsimple connections :frowning_face:

Read more about our connection with Wealthsimple on Twitter here.

If you’re looking for another investment provider in UK that connects in Emma, consider creating an account with Nutmeg.

Learn more about Nutmeg by going to the Save Money tab in your Emma app > select Start Investing > Select Nutmeg.

Alternatively, track your Wealthsimple account manually using the Offline Accounts feature. Learn more about the Offline Accounts feature here.

I just saw this and I’m really sad the WS integration was great before. I’m annoyed with them dropping it. I’ve emailed their support team to express my disappointment it’s: support@wealthsimple.com should anyone be a customer and want to tell them.