We have now added 4 more banks to Emma!

Hey Everyone,

You may have seen on twitter yesterday but we have now launched M&S Bank, Ulster Bank, Virgin Money Investment and Dankse Bank on Emma!



It would be great to have feedback! The first 3 are our first Open Banking connections available in Emma; so we are looking forward to test, learn and iterate with you guys. :slight_smile:


I am going to try and add our joint Santanders. I feel not confident on the way to do it but will have a go! Plan is to make Emma our β€˜go-to’ APP for finance planning and budgeting



Feel free to open a thread about Joint Accounts managing. :wink:

Hi there, I have been trying to add my Virgin Savings account to Emma with no luck! Seems to come back with an error and then Virgin locked me out of my account! Any suggestions?

Can you reach out in the app? There is a chat in more.