Looking for Open Banking Testers

Hey Everyone ,

Hope you had a great weekend!

As some of you already know, open banking API’s are becoming a requirement from September 2019 which means that we will moving users over to this system in the next month. Good news is, we will be able to add more integrations to Emma quickly - YAY :tada:

We are looking for people to test open banking in Emma, so I thought who better to ask than you guys! :rofl: Who’s interested?

If so, please comment below and send me your email adress in a private message. :slight_smile:

@grant.m @Recchan @BendikHa @o99 @Gaoler @Mudlark @DaveTMG @Graham @Jonny1623 @mariusfanu @vivian


Sign me up!

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Sign me up too, please! I think you should have my email from the Revolut testing, but if you need it again just let me know. Exciting! :sunglasses:

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no worries I will dig it out!

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Yes please! Will message you.

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Just to understand by open banking you mean accessing bank login page in emma without the inference of Plaid, correct? If yes how the security will be handled? I had use some app which does this kind of login but the issue was continuously logged out from the bank system time to time and have to login again and again. I hope it is not what I think…

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Hi @nilsej

I’m afraid this is only for users in Uk!

Hi, sign me up as well :smiley:

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I’m up for it

Hey @GarryMarshall

Welcome to the Emma Community!

Great, you just need to send me your email adress in a personal message :slight_smile:

I can’t send you a private message because my account is too new


all sorted!

If it’s only for UK users, then count me out.

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I’m up for it, should still have my details but let me know if they need resupplying!


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This sounds fun!

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Sorry @BendikHa I forget where you are sometimes!

Hey @dougbowski

I can’t seem to find your email, can you please send it to me again?

UK users that have a bank with Open Banking. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are already using it via Revolut.

Sign me up plz :slight_smile:


I’m interested! :grinning: