New connections/Renewing access Nationwide (UK)

Good morning Emma Community :v:

Just a quick heads-up to let you know we’re aware of the issue where you can’t renew access or link your Nationwide accounts with Emma.

Our team are working hard with the Nationwide team to get it resolved. Once it is back up and running, I’ll update here

Edit: The issue may also be impacting syncs between your Nationwide account and Emma

Good news everybody! This should now be resolved. If you’re still having issues, let us know via chat


I have a savings account with nationwide and a current account, but only the current was linked?

Hey @RizI :wave:

Some banks don’t allow you to add your savings account in Emma via their Open Banking API. This API is the system we use to connect to all banks in the UK. Nationwide is one of those banks :cry:

There’s more info about adding savings accounts to Emma here :point_down: