Wall Street Bets Reddit

Ok so after all the drama from last week with Reddit and Gamestop, I’m now seeing lots of articles that say users are encouraging each other to buy into silver

What are your opinions about all of this?

Do you think seeing something like this on Reddit would make you change what you invested in?

On wall street bets they are actually saying the opposite (https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/). :crazy_face: The world is gone crazyyy

Hahah so the media are now reporting fake news :sweat_smile:

Some of the comments people are leaving are bonkers!

I think, it is fun to explore it with “play money”. Thanks to r/wallstreetbets, I got introduced to the world of options. I am yet to master it, but it is mostly having fun watching hilarious memes on the sub while also learning a little. :slight_smile: