Bullion Feature


I have a unique feature request, as I have a part of my investment portfolio in physical precious metals it would be great if emma could allow me to have a tab in the investment section to add gold bullion, selecting date, weight and buy price and add that to an account this account then can know the current market price from gold and show the fluctuations in value over time. As an offline account wouldn’t be able to do that and pulls from the invest tab. Seems like a very unique feature no one else is doing that would be great for a huge audience to manage value of physical precious metals.

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Hehe thanks for the request!

We actually chatted with them to see if we can bring gold to Emma as a direct investment. At the moment, it looks a bit expensive, so I think an offline account could work out.

Understandably that would be difficult but having a section in investment where I can manually add my gold lets say and it can track the value of that would be a great feature. So input

Bought price:

Then like with crypto or other investments can see the value of that fluctuate over time within emma. Tracking it all in one place no one is doing anything like this when you have physical bullion on you. Seems like a simple and unique feature to sell to a new demographic.