Revolut investment account

So the Revolut metal has US stock market investment since few days. I do not except it already in Emma but I am pointing this as maybe just maybe it’s already in Revolut api you guys are reading and it would be easy to add this one. Cheers

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Unfortunately Revolut does not have support for stocks in their API. I’d advise you to contact them and let them know you’d like to see them add support for it to their API. You can find more info on their API here.


Everything @BendikHa said is correct! You guys should totally try to lobby them to open up that data as well.

(Only minor correction is the API you linked is for Business Accounts, the one we use is the Open Banking one:

Bear :bear: in mind that investment accounts aren’t in scope of the Open Banking / PSD2 regulations so banks/fintechs aren’t forced to open up access to those accounts - that’s why it takes quite a lot of convincing

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How about Revolut Vaults? It that something they will be forced to add to their API at a later point?

No idea, it’s really up to them. We can’t do anything about it.

Has there been any updates to the Revolut API in regards to showing investments made with Revolut in Emma? I know they added API support for Vaults. I can now see me Vaults when I have my account connected to Spendee, where I could not in the past.

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Not really, I don’t think it’s their main focus now. :cry:

Question, is there a way to pull in Revolut crypto assets under investments?

Hey @solcache,

unless Revolut makes it available via API, there is no way for us. :frowning:

Sure, thanks for the response @edoardomoreni

Any update on this? Have Revolut added crypto API’s yet? Getting tired of doing manual balance updates in Emma for my crypto :confused:

No, they haven’t :cry:

The main reason why we have an API for revolut is because it’s a requirement by law, but that only applies for payment accounts and crypto is not one unfortunately. :frowning:

Cool, appreciate the reply.

Does Revolut work in Emma for non-UK located accounts, eg a Spanish address account, the same as it does for a UK account? (Literally asking for a friend :blush:)

No, they only offer the connection for UK based customers unfortunately. :frowning:

That’s a shame. Do you think that might change in the near future?

We are definitely interested in this, so hopefully. :crossed_fingers: