Vehicle Tracker

I think there is an opportunity to add an interesting vehicle section to EMMA, it would be great to be able to setup a few things.

*Road Tax due date
*Insurance due date
*vehicle value
*finance tracker
*Fuel average tracker
*repair cost tracker
*service cost and date tracker

It would be super interesting to have a specific section for this information while setting up your vehicle you can add the dates for each of these items and emma can track and remind you when these items are due. Also to add a category called vehicle and then a sub-menu to track fuel, service, repair costs and this can have its owm vehicle net worth section would be super unique no other finance app has naything like this. Also integrating vehicle value and price paid with date and mileage using autotraders API would be the most comprehensive automotive cost tracker and potentially bring a whole new group of car people who would use the EMMA app.

What are peoples thoughts ?


Yes! I never thought of this, but I think it would be great.

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This would be great

I also think it would be pretty easy to build compared to the rest of emma so I think a custom vehicle monitor would be super cool

This would be great