Vehicle and Home Valuation

Moneyhub has just annouced the ability to add vehicle value through autotrader and has had property value through zoopla it would be great to add these to EMMA as well to be on par with competitors


Would love this for vehicle valuation! Very clever.

Not sure of the option in Net Worth covers this…there you can add assets such as a real estate and a vehicle :blush::

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That’s a fixed value, not an accurate valuation using (presumably) an API from autotrader or other providers.

Would be great to see how money hub does it. Can you share a screenshot here?

Can the Autotrader value not be added manually…and then when it changes, amended again? Arguably a manual process but better than nothing…
Or am I missing something :thinking:

You could indeed do it manually, but then you could also track all your finances manually :wink:

From their email as you can see this is how they plan to do it. Not sure if its an API or just a value on the spot but it does seem like a dynamic price able to change over time.

It seems as though Autotrader have an API that finds the value of the vehicle and changes over time maybe with a similar connection status in which the mileage is input every so often to keep the value approximately correct. If EMMA can integrate this that would be great but definitely not a priority