New Emma Pro Feature: Manual Balances in different Currencies

Hey Everyone,

Happy Friday! Hope you are all having a good summer so far :sun_with_face:

Next week we will be introducing a couple of new features to Emma pro and this is one of them! Nearly all of these features have been built from feedback on this forum so we would love to hear what you think about them and of course, keep your feedback about Emma coming. We love to hear your thoughts and ideas. :slight_smile:

So here it is:

Add manual balances in any currency. This feature was built for users who want to create manual balances for accounts not connected to Emma or for cash. This feature allows you to choose any currency when adding new balances.

Let us know what you think :point_down:


This kind of news should be pinned at the top of the feed, I think, at least for a week or until the next feature update!

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@rebekah did you do it again :tired_face: !? :joy:

Yeah I did loads all in one go without realising some would re-appear in the most recent section :joy: sorry!!

I’ll accept your apologies in exchange for a Emma Hoodie :joy::joy::cold_face::cold_face:

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I posted this in a thread on the net worth feature but this feature is missing for manual accounts in the real estate, vehicles and other assets categories.

Do you mean different currencies?

The foreign currency option is missing for adding manual accounts in the categories of real estate, vehicles and other assets.

You are right - we can add this very quickly - let me ping the team. :muscle:

Any progress on this change? I currently have categories swapped around so I can have foreign currency assets in one of the categories that supports it and then what belongs there in Other instead, I’d like to put things in the right place.