Budget automatically set by income

Hi there. My income fluctuates on a monthly basis. I would like to be able to set my overal budget as the amount of income I have received. So I might get my main lot of money at the start of the month but then I might get more a week or two weeks later. I would like to have a function so that I can choose to set my budget at whatever my income has been that month. So on the 5th (when I pay myself my main salary) income might be £1500 so budget would set to that. If I were to receive another £100 later on, I’d like the overall budget to be boosted to £1600. Hope that makes sense.


If I remember correctly it used to be possible to have total budget coupled to income, but it was removed as a behaviour/option a few years ago

I’d also like to have this as an option.


Hi, I agree that an adjustable income is necessary too, and I expect that most people have additional income in a month. How can Emma work if we have more income than it expects? I don’t mind if there’s a workaround, like paying excess income into a custom expense category to track it, but how can we then track when we spend it? Exclude it all? Because that doesn’t let us budget for what we have. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear, as my annual subs are due and I’ll have to cancel. Thanks all :blush:

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