Income from flatmate


It’s not a huge issue, but I do have a suggestion for a new feature (maybe already suggested).

I’m paying the rent for the whole flat as I’m on the lease and my flatmate is as my lodger (agreed with landlord that I am responsible to choose my flatmates and can sublet). Unfortunately, the app is deducting expected rent from my available budget the whole month before the rent is due so I can see, for example: “£200” left for the rest of the month. As it doesn’t take into an account his money coming two days before the rent is due.

If there is a chance to add option for any deposits being marked as occuring income, similar way like subscription, it would be awesome.

So far, I have moved my flatmate income as a bill, so at least, it reduce whole bill in the monthly review down by his contribution as it is a positive values. But it’s still a bit depressing to see that I have left less then I know I can spend.

Thank you for info about any possible workaround or including this option into a future update.

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Hey @Krygel :wave:

An interesting situation for sure!

While we don’t currently have this functionality on the to-implement list, I may have workaround.

What date are you paid/when does your budgeting period in Emma start and what date do you pay your rent?

@Krygel @Joel - On pro I just use a custom category and assign this and my rent to it. I do this with my better half’s income of his part of the rent.

That’s a bit complicated too. I’m a student so it’s 7.1 from student loan company… But then, I am also self-employed as bicycle courier, working with 3 companies so I have income every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (from previous week).

I wil try to make it separate from bills as well…

I’m also thinking, as rent and my flatmate’s money coming on the end of the month, adjusting budged and add his part on the top of mine.

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Yes, this is another way to do it. Then just exclude the payments in from him and your budget will balance.

I was going to say if your budgeting period in Emma is set to payday-to-payday and the payday you’ve chosen is every month, you could consider manually changing the date of your flatmates repayment to the following month.

For example, your budgeting period is from the 28th - 28th of each month. You pay rent on the 1st November. Your flatmates pays you his share on the 25th November.

Change the date of his repayment on the 25th October to the 1st November so it moves his repayment to the current month and it will avoid the issue of an incorrect ‘left to spend’ figure


I wish I could do it automatically. But yes, this sounds like a solution.

But I would have to edit all previous payments as that would break my stats I guess.

Or create one transaction using the Offline Accounts feature. Read more about creating Offline Accounts here and creating manual transactions here

The best is just to add his money towards his budget. As with any of those changes, it won’t change the fact that app sees upcoming payment of the full rent and deducting that full rent from the budget in advance.

Seems like excluding money from flatmate, splitting rent and adding as recurring payment while inactivating and excluding his part works… But I guess that I will have to split it every time when rent is paid. But that’s not too hard and it won’t affect my other statistics. As his money technically doesn’t exist anyway. It’s just him transfering it to landlord over me any my real payment is just my part.

Hope something like that will be automated in she future, however I understand it’s not the priority.

Glad to hear you got it working. Definitely something for us to consider adding support for in the future

Happy enough now. I see you constantly working on the app so I have already subscribed it. I believe that it will save me more than it costs. Especially with my impulsive shopping due to my ADHD. :slight_smile:

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