Use credit card balance in predictions

As Emma has the ability to see my transactions it can see how much I’ve spent on my credit card this month and it can see that I have perhaps paid some off by card - it should use this to enhance the subscriptions section.

This way I can see how much I’m going to be paying out at the end of this month!


I put my credit card payment that I make each month into my subscriptions. Is that what you mean?

Or do you want Emma to just predict how much you will be paying off your card?

This ^^

For instance some months I may spend £100 some maybe £400

If Emma could look at how much I’ve spent and how much I’ve repaid through the month it would be great to give me an accurate view of how much I have to pay!

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I seeeee :eyes:

It would have to work out an average

I don’t think so - The logic for this seems very simple to me.

Credit cards are a set date every month for most.

So if my card bill is due on the 5th every month (we could set this within Emma) you could see each transaction between those dates that isn’t an authorization (you could let us mark these within the app) and you could see any repayments I’ve made on that by card already (as you have the access to the data

Then subtract the repayment from the total spend in between those dates

That would then give you my final bill presuming payment in full - obviously it would have to be adjusted for minimum payments!


Ah I thought you meant for the following month

Nah for the current month - no idea what my spending will look like until I get down to it :joy: I wish I did

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That’s what I was thinking haha :rofl:

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I love this idea!

It’s one of the features I was planning to build myself if Emma released an API but I guess I’ve shot myself in the foot :joy: now I can’t sell my idea for the millions it’s worth