Required payments to pay debts on time

The one last thing stopping me from using Emma as my only financial hub is the required payments I need to make before 0% interest offers end on my credit cards.

Currently I use a spreadsheet in Goggle Sheets, to which I enter the balance and the date that the 0% interest offer ends. It then calculates the required monthly payment to clear the balance in time to avoid incurring interest.

Could this possible be added to Emma?


Hi @KarlD89, thanks for submitting a post!

At this point, we have been pretty much focused on tracking, so we don’t have many “utilities” features; but this seems to be a good one. eheh :slight_smile:

How many payments do you make per month?


Hi Edoardo,

I don’t make many payments to be honest, but I like to know the minimum that I need to pay to avoid any unnecessary charges


Thanks for letting us know.

So you would like a reminder that tells you to pay off the card? :slight_smile:


No, not a reminder to make a payment.

If perhaps for debts I could enter the interest rate and the date that I want it paying off, then it calculates the required payment and places that amount in committed spending. Like a repayment calculator that integrates with Emma


Oki, thanks for explaining!

Yes, we don’t have something like this yet, but I am sure we can give a thought about it. :slight_smile:

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Amazing, thank you so much :slight_smile:

This would actually be pretty neat functionality

Emma is about saving us money right?

But I don’t think it’s too good an idea to tell banks that you think they ruin lives @edoardomoreni considering without them many of us would be sleeping on the streets :slight_smile: not everyone takes cash or a check

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How would you build it? :slight_smile:

Good question. I’d take in an amount as well as an interest free period

I’d then work out amount / zero free period and add that to the subscriptions section of the app

I guess this could be extended to asking you when you add credit cards to Emma, so it’d ask you how long the card is zero interest for? Then as you purchase and run your limit up it would work out current amount + time left on each purchase?

I agree it isn’t an easy feature of how I’d get that to work alongside the UX though as it’d constantly be adjusting a subscription (maybe break subscriptions down into changing and not changing?)

Edit: occurs to me this would work for every credit card if you extend this to manual accounts :smiley: it isn’t much of an issue as these zero interest cards likely won’t have lots of purchases on them (normally these cards are used for bigger spends like televisions etc)

FWIW can we change that to committed spending - my cellphone bill isn’t a subscription.

Can you also roll the text into the card itself rather than having some half flat half raised UI

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Is it also possible to assign transactions to manual accounts?

So I have added my car finance as a manual account (done as a credit card because there is no other option).
I think it would be helpful if we can assign payments to a certain vendor as a repayment for that account.

So every time I have a transaction to Mercedes, my manual Mercedes account reduces by the same amount

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Yes, we launched this feature 2 weeks ago. :slight_smile:

I can see where you can manually add a transaction to your manual account, not where the payment is automatically detected and deducted from the balance