How much did I have left?

If this already exists, please let me know!

Throughout the month I can see committed spending etc and get a figure for how much I have left to spend.

When I get paid, this all resets and I don’t know how much I had “left to spend” at the end of the pay period.

I know there is another discussion looking at analytics by prior pay period but this feels potentially a smaller feature so maybe easier?!

It would essentially say “your pay period ended, this is how much you had left to spend immediately before you got paid”. You could even say “why not invest/save this” along with a link to Nutmeg or whoever so presumably this could be a self-financing feature :wink:



Hey @Alex :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion!

While we currently have the ability to look at how much you spent vs how much you earnt for previous months, it doesn’t quite match up with paydays.

We want to get features like rolling paydays and analytics by prior pay period implemented rather than an interim solution but should plans change, this is an idea we can refer back to :wink:


I currently use another app to track my bills which also makes it easy to adjust when one months bill my be higher, lower or not required that particular month. While I quite like the committed spend feature it isn’t dynamic enough to actually use it properly.

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Hey Alex, cool idea. My method I currently use is to just deduct my salary from my total balance when my salary comes in, and then transfer that out.

Since my salary is fixed, I’ve got pretty good at doing this the night before payday, but I think this feature would be cool to have!

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How can we improve the edit frequency and prediction options already for subscriptions to make them more dynamic?

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  • Allow me to change the cost for that particular month only.
  • Skip/delete bill for that particular month.
  • Add an end date to a particular bill.
  • Allow me to link a bill payment to a manual account.
  • Sometimes it duplicates transactions as well which I assume is because the transaction ID or something has changed slightly between months.
  • If I edit a prediction, take me back to the list not the front page.
  • On the front page I’d like to see the the breakdown of Total Bills, Paid, Unpaid.
  • If I mark a subscription as ‘inactive’, its not necessarily an ‘Incorrect Type’.
  • Maybe rename it to Bills/Subscriptions as the mortgage payment isn’t a subscription.
  • Allow me to order/sort the view when I go into the list and also only look at that month and provide a separate view for past/future months.

Pay Period analytics is all I every wanted in a money managing app. Instead of seeing April’s analytics, I would like to see April’s Pay Period analytics as that is a true reflection of how my money is managed through a month.

I have went as far as writing my own .net web app to have this function, but I need to manually import my transactions so it no fun :joy:. If it’s added here then my money managing life is complete.

Make it happen Emma! :yum:

Which one?

We want to do this, but our thinking is “we’ll do it and then they will realise it’s the same as seeing April with a 5 days offset.”. :crazy_face:

From a numbers point of view, there is really no difference. :sweat_smile:

Unless I am wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bills Monitor Pro

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

So I get paid on the 20th of each month. When I get paid on the 20th March, that is my money for “April”.

I now get paid on the 20th April, when I look at April’s stats it says my income and outgoings, but 3 weeks of this outgoings where from my previous pay and not the pay I just got in April. My income versus outcome is very skewed for April then. If I got paid on 1st of the month then it would be no issue :grin:

It makes it harder to know how far my pay stretched one pay to the next.

So by allowing the analytics to be based on pay period, it makes more sense to see how well you performed financially pay period to pay period.

I could say that in my March pay I had X amount left over. Or I spent how much of my March pay on takeaways !! :sob:

Hope that makes sense.


Love this suggestion.
Added to that, perhaps there could be the options to save/invest the money you have left or rolling the money over to the next pay period.


We are building this with Rolling Budgets. :rocket:


Would you want it to connect to savings/investment accounts you already have or ones you can set-up in Emma?

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I would say either. The lower the friction, the better, I would suggest.

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The issue I can see here is the automatic transfer of the left-over money - it would have to be set-up as a direct debit

I’ve just had my payday report (sorry if that’s the wrong name). The last card tells me how much I have “saved”. How is this calculated? This might be the feature I was asking for!

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It should be income minus spending. :slight_smile:

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So it turns out this was there all along :joy: