US Bank email notification

FYI, I received this email from US Bank today:

Logging into US Bank’s website and going to the My Controls area I see this:

However, in the Emma app I check on my Bank Logins and US Bank stills shows “The status is working”. Not sure what time zones are used, but the last sync was 31 Mar 12:22 am.

We’ll see if things continue working tomorrow and report back when I can.

Note: I never told US Bank to disable Emma’s access. So, thanks-but-no-thanks, US Bank if you really have disabled Emma/Plaid’s access.

I really, really wish these banks and such would give us the ability to create third-party logins/API keys so we could grant access explicitly to Emma, etc. I enjoy these various apps and all 4 different ones to login as they give me different perspectives… and it seems like one bank in one or two apps is broken much of the time, yet it is inconsistent and rotates around.

API keys work great with home automation, and at least so many of those providers and apps “get it”.

Thanks for reporting this!

This is part of a big change that Plaid is doing on the API side. :slight_smile: