HSBC - second status update v2

This is a second communication we have just sent out about the HSBC issue.

Hey Saver,

this is Edoardo, co-founder and CEO of Emma.

I am writing to give you a second update on your HSBC connection! We sent an email on Tuesday, which you can find it here and explains why some of your accounts might not be updating.

As you have seen, since Friday, the bank has enforced the use of the digital secure key to access your online banking. This means that our existing connection doesn’t work anymore and you will need to transition to Open Banking to keep updating it.

If this is impacting you, you will see a card in the feed asking to transition. This system is super smooth and the future, so please migrate today! :point_down::point_down::point_down:


While Current Accounts are working completely fine, Credit cards and savings accounts are no longer updating because the bank doesn’t provide them via Open Banking.

We have been talking directly with the people in charge of their Open Banking division and they have reassured us they are doing anything they can to bring them back.

They will let us know, in the next few weeks, the exact dates, which we are going to communicate with you in order to bring the service back as normal.

Despite having sent a really “aggressive” first communication, we do believe, after chatting with HSBC, that we can solve this by collaborating directly with them. They are treating this with the max priority and realise the issue they have created us.

As always, we’ll continue communicating via our social media channels, so make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook. We have also included a message in your Emma feed and in our community forum to keep the matter as clear and transparent as possible.

May the gummy bear power be with you!


Edoardo Moreni

HSBC is building a modified interface to be PSD2 compliant to meet the 14th of September deadline. This means we might be able to provider cards and savings, but users will need to re-login every time to refresh.

We have also setup a meeting with them in October to understand when the missing account types will be Open Banking ready.


So, my HSBC savings and credit card are now under Closed.

Just did the reauthentication for the current account and it was pretty smooth. The HSBC app on my phone picked it up and did it all natively.

Still needed the secure key thing, so if this is required every time, HSBC is out of the window for me for now!

This shouldn’t be the case. The login should be app to app. :slight_smile:


The secure key is soooo annoying. It’s like hsbc thinks the greatest pleasure in life is having the thing in your pocket

Did you use app to app without secure key? It wasn’t really clear from your previous message. :slight_smile:

I clicked the link in Emma to reauthorise. Opened in Chrome, which passed it to the HSBC app.

At that point, you can’t do anything without secure key - you can’t even log into the app without it.

So then I needed the secure key to generate an authentication code for Emma.

If you switch to a digital secure key rather than a physical one then it’s part of your app and you can use TouchID to generate the reauthentication code - still not smooth but less painful than that awful calculator!

Not sure why HSBC have decided to press on regardless when the grace period for SCA has been extended, could have left us using passwords until their open banking was fit for purpose…


Oh, I’ll give it go.
Tbh, I haven’t been using it much since Emma came along, as I mainly just need to keep track of my balances

Just been informed from First Direct that they are doing the same from the end of this week

You reached out to customer support? We have been told the opposite. :slight_smile:

Yes, it doesn’t say the date.

HSBC has told us they are postponing this by 6 months. :slight_smile:

Part of the email I was sent:

With digital fraud and hacking at a record high, new regulations are soon coming into effect that have been designed to help everyone’s accounts be as safe as possible.

Keeping your account and data safe has always been a priority to us, and that’s why, when you log on without using your Secure Key, you’ll notice you can only access a reduced service.

Later this week, we’ll be removing the password and memorable data log on option from your Mobile Banking App and you’ll need to use your Secure Key every time you log on.

Okay, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

They just got back to us. Online Banking should be fine, so are we. :slight_smile: