'Unleashed' Apple event October 18

What to expect from October 18 ‘Unleashed’ Apple event?

Apple’s first fall event of 2021 focused on the iPhone, the Apple Watch and the new iPad, but the second, to be unveiled today is expected to be Mac-centric. Apple is expected to introduce new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro and the Airpods.

Apple will live stream the event on their website and YouTube.

Are you waiting for new products?


I’m waiting for Goldman Sachs to build upon their Marcus offering and bring Apple Card here to the UK, especially as JPMorgan have launched Chase and shown the UK as a market of opportunity.

I’m not wanting any physical products new right now but I would consider some new AirPods as mine are a little tired now.


The Apple card will be great to have in the UK :+1:

I need to change my AirPods as well. The battery is really so bad, as on my iPhone :sweat_smile:

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Anyone getting the new mac book? :eyes:

I would love too, as I really need a new computer, but unfortunately I can’t afford it. Maybe over Christmas.